Erindale Park. A quiet time in “Salmon Valley”. Mississauga

Erindale Park is a great place for watching the leaving change colour. Park is located near Dundas and Missisauga road. It hugs the University of Toronto’s Missisauga Campus (formerly Erindale Campus). The park is bifurcated by the Credit River which lends to the spectacular natural beauty of this place. You almost forget you’re in a city populated almost entirely by customized Honda Civics and urban sprawl.

Erindale Park and the Culham Trail provide an excellent opportunity for visitors to experience and discover nature. Scenic vistas and an abun-dance of plant and wildlife make this an inviting destination for hikers, joggers, cross country skiers, dog walkers, and, of course, cyclists.

Erindale Park is the largest greenbelt in Mississauga spanning almost 90 hectares. It is located at 1695 Dundas Street West and features five picnic areas, five barbecues, six comfort stations, a playground equipment area, a lookout, and a toboggan hill.

The park also offers walking trails, fishing (rainbow and brown trout, chinook, coho, Atlantic salmon, and smallmouth bass), canoeing, and spectacular views of the Credit River and tall ravines. For the most part, this cold-water fishery is maintained by stockings of hatchery-reared fish.
Back in 1902, the land now known as Erindale Park as flooded and a dam was built to generate hydroelectric power. The dam was demolished in 1954 and the site remediated (river bed was straightened, widened, and relocated to is present location) to provide a large flat area that was used for sanitary landfill between 1961 and 1965.

Today, a key aspect of Erindale Park is the David J. Culham Trail, a pathway system through a heavily-forested area that provides spectacular views of the Credit River and is perfect for hikers, joggers, cyclists, and cross-country skiers. The trail is particularly breathtaking in autumn, but has a special brand of peace and beauty that manifests itself throughout the year.

Parking (space for 400 vehicles) at Erindale Park is available at no cost with four accessible parking spots. Note that group picnics with more than 25 people require a permit.