First in North America. The Barber Mill Dynamo in Georgetown

Did you know that the Barber Mill Dynamo, built in 1888, was the first electrical generating plant in North America? Its ruins are still standing and can be accessed via Bruce trail sidetrail by the old Barber Mill on the corner of River Road and Maple Avenue.

About the Barber Mill Dynamo

The Barber Mill Dynamo was built in 1888 and transmitted power via two wires up to the Barber Paper Mill located on River Road, about 3km away. It was operated by James Charles Alexander (1874-1954) who worked there his whole life. His responsibilities included turning the power on and off and maintaining the machinery and being on call at any time as requests were telephoned from the Mill down to the Dynamo.

The Barber Paper Mill was the largest industry in Halton. Run by John Barber, the Barber Mill produced book paper, lithographic and label papers, posters and higher grade newspaper. The mill served its purpose until 1913.

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