Webster’s Falls. It has been the most frequently visited waterfall in Hamilton for more than a century

Webster’s Falls, noted for its panoramas, is a 22 metre high classical curtain/ plunge waterfall found in the Spencer Gorge/Webster’s Falls Conservation Area in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The water flows down Spencer Creek. In the past the falls have been known by various names such as Dr. Hamilton’s Falls, Spencer Falls, Hart Falls, Fisher Falls and Flamborough Falls.

Webster’s Falls, according to Joe Hollick, has the highest number of vintage postcards bearing its image; this suggests that it has been the most frequently visited waterfall in Hamilton for more than a century.

Webster’s Falls is shown in the 2005 Sci-Fi movie “Descent”, though it is portrayed as being an anonymous waterfall in the Pacific Northwest. During the movie a river of lava pours over the falls, nearly killing the star, Luke Perry.

Russian professor, Oleg Polyansky, was part of a team that had discovered water vapour on the sun when working in Waterloo. When giving lectures internationally about his discovery, he always uses an image of Webster’s Falls as a key example.

Webster’s falls is a topic in “Na-Go-She-Onong, A Legend of Webster’s Falls” by J.L Lewis, originally published in 1895. This is the poetic legend of an romance between an indigenous maiden and a fair, blue-eyed explorer, which ends with their suicidal decent over the falls.

Webster’s falls is a topic in J.R. Ramsay’s poem titled “The Temple,” in his 1873 book “One Quiet Day.”

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