Old growth forest with over 250 year old at Scottsdale farm

The oldest living tree on earth is likely the North American long-lived pine, which is estimated to be 5,060 years old based on the number of rings. Giant sequoia trees aren’t older than 2,000 years, while other trees are usually less than 1,000 years old.

One could say trees are the most amazing creations of nature. Their rings represent their life as it was happening, like grooves on a record player.

Scotsdale Farm near Georgetown has one of the oldest old-growth forests in Ontario.
Walking through the trails, you’ll discover ancient sugar maple forest estimated to be 150-200 years old, and a 50-hectare cedar swamp with trees over 250 years old. The dominant trees are Sugar Maple, Eastern White Cedar, and Eastern Hemlock.

When you visit Scotsdale Farm and find yourself surrounded by its beauty, remember our ancestors. They knew well that to grow corn it only takes a few months, but to grow a tree takes years.

How short our life feels compared to theirs.

Scotsdale Farm is one of the most beautiful spots in Halton Hills and favourite spot for photographers and filmmakers. 531 acres of rolling hills, woodlands with close proximity to Silvercreek Conservation area.

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