Heaven and Earth. Bestseller about climate change. Ian Plimer

This a brilliantly argued 598-page book by Ian Plimer about climate change is a comprehensive work that summarizes in detail all the objections that many people, including many prominent scientists, have to what the warmists say and try to impose on us.
In the opening chapter he certainly does not shy away from defending capitalism and brilliantly attacks socialism. The decline of the modern education system and their responsibility for the situation we now find ourselves in.

If human-caused climate change is so certain, funding for research into these “changes” must be stopped immediately. All these institutes closed, and the billions of dollars saved spent on feeding the population.
Prof. V. Klaus

“Climate change relies on sheer ignorance in a zone where feelings outweigh facts.”
Ian Plimer

The book about climate change is very well produced and Ian Plimer includes 52 pages of footnotes and references!!
Ian Plimer’s worldwide bestseller bookHeaven and Earth: Global Warming, the Missing ScienceAmazon.ca

1) At least 95% of the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere is due to water vapour.

2) A number of these people (Australia) claim that sea levels will rise tens of metres as a result of carbon emissions. But they are often the ones living right on the coast in luxury homes bought with money raised from banks, governments and emissions traders through their eco-campaigns.

3) Photovoltaics were invented in 1839, giving mankind 170 years to generate vast amounts of electricity. It didn’t happen because solar power is hopelessly inefficient.

4) People think in herds, go mad in herds, and come to their senses only slowly, one by one.

5) There was a time long before industrialization when it was much warmer than it is today. So they cannot be accounted for by human activity, and these periods were neither catastrophic nor irreversible. That’s why the climate commons crowds out history, archaeology and geology from its mantra.

6) Scientific consensus is inherently nonsense. Science is based on empirical data. Nature does not listen to academies of science, government bureaucracies, politicians or activists. … Once a group of scientists declares a consensus, their interest in their own benefits and privileges almost always plays a role. No scientific discovery has come about by consensus. They have always been made by researchers who have gone out of their way to confront the contemporary state of knowledge.

7) Lots of people in the northern hemisphere vacation in warmer climates, and in the US people routinely move to warmer climates in retirement. These are the real “climate refugees”.

8) If we wanted to change the Earth’s climate, we would have to stop bacteria from doing what they do, change the Earth’s orbit, get the variability of solar activity under control, and have the ability to control supernova explosions.

9) Climate change has nothing to do with saving the planet. It is the mechanism by which unelected elites control every aspect of our lives. The result of the government’s rush to appease green activists is increasingly expensive unreliable renewable energy, carbon capture, electric cars, “green” hydrogen and other programs that lock in subsidies for decades.

10) Green activists are completely intolerant of dissent, yet it is the tolerance of democracy that allows them to promote their treason….

11) There is aggressive editorial censorship in scientific journals, newspapers, media networks and social media channels when an alternative view on climate change emerges. The evidence is not critically analysed…
…and likewise with the banning of discussion on climate change. Politicians beware. There is a groundswell of opinion among those who use common sense, whose livelihoods are threatened and who are sickened by the lies.

12) The number of species on Earth continues to increase, despite five major mass extinctions and more than 20 minor mass extinctions. We are constantly undergoing species turnover, a process that has been going on for 500 million years and continues to this day.

13) Carbon dioxide is the food of plants and without it there would be no life on Earth. Recent slight increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide have led to a greening of the Earth, increased forest cover and more productive agriculture.

14) The six great ice ages began at a time when the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere was much higher than at present, showing that the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere is not driving global warming.

15) The global financial crisis and the COVID epidemic.19 In both cases, a reduction of around 7% in carbon dioxide emissions due to the grounding of transport and the closure of large industrial plants had no effect on the measured increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide. This suggests that human emissions are overwhelmed by natural carbon dioxide emissions and may have no effect at all.

Video: Geologist, Professor Ian Plimer, dispels the myth pushed by climate zealots that carbon dioxide is a “pollutant”, as an excuse to seize power and control over every aspect of our lives.

Geologist, Prof. Ian Plimer, blows the UN’s “human-induced climate catastrophe” fear mongering completely out of the water, in two and a half minutes:

“Every single prediction they’ve ever made has been wrong… They still haven’t, after 30 years, shown us that human emissions [of CO2] drive global warming.”

“There’s been a relentless campaign of propaganda for 30 years, and the basics haven’t been shown.”