Grindstone Creek (Great) Falls… Waterfalls like a ribbon

Grindstone Creek (Great) Falls winds like a ribbon through forest od Sugar Maple, Red Oak and Shabark Hickory, bringing life to this ravine. You can see in the creek Spotted Jewelweed, Snapping Turtle, Red-bellied Woodpecker.

Grindstone Creek (Great) Falls is a very attractive terraced waterfall.

The Great Falls is located on the Grindstone Creek in the Waterdown section of Hamilton just off Mill Street. The observation platform has steps and provides a good view. Free parking.

The area around the falls is known as Smokey Hollow.

There used to be a strong industrial zone here. The water power of Grindstone Creek powered various mills as was quite common in many other areas of Canada. The mills powered machinery for cutting wood, making cloth, crushing grain, etc. A major fire at the last mill in 1912 and the decision not to build a railway in the area, spelled the end of industry in the area.

The Great Falls loop is 3.5 km hike with a 1.1 km side trail,  that is part of the Bruce Trail.

Grindstone Creek (Great) Falls
6 m / Width: 4.5 m