Northen Forest Atlas. A truly extraordinary project of great people

The Northen Forest Atlas is a truly extraordinary and extensive project. Personally, I can appreciate the incredible amount of very high quality work that will serve many generations to come for all who will explore and protect the nature around us. For this they deserve not only my thanks but also my respect. Hats off!

The Northern Forest Atlas produces graphic tools for naturalists and ecologists. This site contains photographic and digital images, diagrams, videos, and illustrated articles. Books, Guides, Charts, and digital products are available for purchase or free download.

The Northern Forest Atlas is a project of the Northern Forest Atlas Foundation.
The Northern Forest Atlas Foundation is based in Lake Placid New York. Ed McNeil is its president, Ray Curran its treasurer, and Melissa Eisinger is its Secretary. Board members include Charles Canham, Ray Curran, Larry Master, Amy Vedder, Brendan Wiltse, Lee Keet, Margot Ernst, Tom Butler, Kitty Liu, and Elizabeth Lee.

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